1. What can I expect from Reverend Martin?
A: This is your day and I will lovingly perform your beautiful marriage ceremony, customized with everything you wish for your special ceremony. It will be my pleasure to be your officiant.

2. Where is Reverend Martin certified and authorized to perform weddings?
A: Reverend Martin is legally certified and authorized to perform wedding ceremonies in Maryland, the District of Columbia, West Virginia and Delaware.

3. How long has Reverend Martin officiated weddings?
A: 17 years - I performed my first wedding ceremonies in 2004.

4. Is Reverend Martin available on short notice?
A: Yes. I am available 24/7, unless I am already committed to another service on the same day or traveling out of town.

5. What services does Reverend Martin perform?
A: I do: Weddings, Renewal of Vows, Funeral Services and Baptisms.

6. How can Reverend Martin be reached?
A: Cell/Text 240-893-3327
Email: RevMartinWeddings@gmail.com

7. Is Reverend Martin available to do short-notice civil ceremonies on evenings and weekends?
A: Absolutely. If you have a valid marriage license and were planning to get married at the courthouse, but the courthouse hours don't fit your schedule, call me and I can help you still get married.